Judy, United States, Female, Age 55, living with diabetes for 46 years

The DANA pump has changed my life for the better.  It has given me the freedom that IĄ¯ve    never experienced in 46 years.  Before the pump I took 4 shots a day with blood sugars that were up and down.  I love my new lifestyle and my DANA pump.


Tolga, Turkey, Male, Age 44, living with diabetes for 6 years

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus six years ago.  I started insulin therapy with an insulin pen, but I wasnĄ¯t able to maintain my glucose control.  My doctor suggested I use an insulin pump.  I have been using the DANA insulin pump for four years and my blood glucose control is now within range and my HbA1c has improved. 


Tomas, Lithuania, Male, Age 43, living with diabetes for 19 years

I have been using the DANA pump for the last three years.  The DANA pump is really great because it is small, light and easy to understand.  Insulin pump therapy has made my life easier and my diabetes controllable. 


Betty, Israel, Female, Age 24, living with diabetes for 15 years

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was six years old.  I had to take 3-4 injections by insulin pen a day and I was not able to control my blood glucose level.  Since starting the DANA pump, it has provided me a comfortable life and keeps my blood glucose at normal levels.


Sun Yu, China, Male, Age 36, living with diabetes for 15 years

My doctor prescribed the DANA pump after my treatment with oral medicine and insulin pen was not successful.  My current blood sugar is well controlled both before and after meals since I started using the DANA pump.


Giedre, Lithuania, Female, Age 9, living with diabetes for 4 years

I have been using the DANA insulin pump for two years and my HbA1c is now normal.  I donĄ¯t ever want to return to multiple daily injections – I love my DANA pump!